Welcome to cleaning services Hilversum

  • Location Hilversum, Netherlands

  • Phone 06 8585 1218

  • Email info@housecleaners.nl


Company Overview

Houscleaners.nl was founded in 2016 and has since been Hilversum's largest house cleaning company. We offer our service around Hilversum area until Utrecht and are very excited to share our service with you.

Cleaning is our passion and is the heart of our company. We are continuously try to improve our services, staff and moving forward to get the best results for customers and Housecleaners.nl.

Our smart approach

  • Work done in only a few hours
  • Attract and retain quality customers
  • Manage your time so get more done in less time
  • We are ready to clean your home
  • Qualified staff available
  • Cleaning on your required time

Our Mission

Is to serve customers and make houses cleaner, with our experienced team we achieve great results. A dedicated and attentive service is the most important basis for your satisfaction. That's what our cleaning service team stands for. Our mission is to provides best cleaning services in Hilversum for a reasonable price.

We Believe

We have been cleaning private homes for many years. With great success and supervision we can believe our customers are 100% satisfied. Housecleaners.nl offers flexible working hours to our customers this means we also work in early mornings or late evenings when required. We have great success with our service which we adapt to the current market trend.

Our Clients Says