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House Cleaning

We are the best cleaning experts in this industry with over 10 years of experience.

Deep Cleaning

We are experienced in deep cleaning, clean interior areas with over 10 years of experience.

Interior Cleaning

We are the best in cleaning your interior furniture with over 10 years of experience.

Professional Cleaning Services

We assign to every project a foreman and a cleaning team to make your home cleaner. Housecleaners.nl provides professional equipment, cleaning products and qualified staff to finish cleaning jobs quickly, fast and efficient. We always work in a team and therefore can guarantee an outstanding service.



Why Choose Us

Move in/Out Clean

We offer special move in move out cleaning when you move to a new house or move out of your rental apartment. We will clean your property.

Renovation Clean-up

If your looking for a professional cleaning service after your renovation you can contact us. We have experienced team ready to assist you.

Apartment Deep Clean

At our company you will get a team of professionals. We supply all equipment and products to clean your house or apartment at the best price.

Office Cleaning

On request we provide cleaning in your office or commercial property. We have a wide range of staff that qualify to clean offices.

Our Services

deep clean services

» Deep cleaning

We are specialized in deep cleaning houses and residential properties all over The Netherlands. Also contaminated areas.

move in cleaning

» End of tenancy cleaning

When your moving out or move to a new house. We can make your house all clean again. Our team is ready to clean for you.

Carpet cleaning

» Carpet cleaning

We offer carpet, upholstery and interior cleaning of all kinds, professional cleaning and care of all your upholstery, carpet and floor coverings.

after renovation cleaning service

» After renovation

When you near to finish renovation of your house, make an advanced appointment with our friendly staff and to book our cleaning services.

sofa cleaning

» Sofa cleaning

Cleaning furniture and sofas is also a part of our services, we can do sofa and chairs as-well and use professional equipment.

mattress cleaning services

» Mattress cleaning

When you're mattress needs cleaning please get in touch with us to find out more about our services and available times to clean your mattress.

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Cleaning Team Is Ready To Work

Cleaning solutions for apartments, move, office or building cleaning. Satisfaction guaranteed, no extra cost, best price guarantee, flexible booking.

Take Advantage of Our Service

Our services include deep cleaning, after renovation cleaning, window cleaning, move-out, furniture cleaning and much much more.

Happy Smiling Staff is Important

When you need to clean your office space contact us for a free quote, we beat our competitors and give you a better price.

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